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Pascagoula, MS

Pascagoula, Mississippi has a deep and rich history with Native American, Spanish and European settlements that traces back 300 years.

Incorporated as a village in 1892, the village soon became an official city in 1901. What is now downtown Pascagoula used to be the town of Scranton, Mississippi. Scranton was incorporated in 1870 until the two towns merged in 1912, creating the city we know today. Surrounded by a free-flowing river, Pascagoula is home to marine life and many locals who thrive on the port city’s abundance. The city boasts a pleasant ambiance with its historical architecture, a welcoming community and its southern charm. It’s clear that there is more to this coastal city than what meets the eye!

Pensacola also features old and grand Spanish moss live oaks. Tenacious preservation by locals keeps the city’s environment just as beautiful as it was many years ago. Local shops and businesses thrive in the downtown area, while the city’s business district makes substantial, economic strides in progressing and developing the Pascagoula area. Pascagoula’s maritime success stems from Mississippi’s premier and busiest port, Port of Pascagoula, which has led the way for the city’s revenue generated over the past decades. The Jackson County Economic Development Foundation made it their mission to prepare for and aggressively search out and respond to new business and investment opportunities for surrounding communities, including Pascagoula.

Among all the beautiful architectural and historical sites to see, Pascagoula has many options for activities and entertainment. If you are visiting Pascagoula with your family, you might want to spend some time at the Pascagoula Beach Park and set up a picnic while fishing! If you want to learn more about the city’s culture and history, drop by the Old Spanish Fort Museum. Savor mouthwatering dishes at restaurants offering local seafood and just about every southern dish you’ve heard of. The Island Lighthouse has stood strong since 1895 and is now a landmark and a pleasant piece of history. Also, before leaving the city, you might like a quick stop at the Mississippi Sound.

Pascagoula, Mississippi is filled with a rich past and heading towards an abundant future. Many people over the years have made this city their home and have settled into the charmful community. Booming economic development is showering the city with prosperous aspirations for the future. With advancements being made in present time, the City of Pascagoula is set to become a southeastern epicenter. Take a trip and see for yourself the wonderful experiences and memories that can be made in this delightful port city. We can assure you that you’ll be back!

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