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5 Different Types of Car Accidents

5 Different Types of Car Accidents

5 Different Types of Car Accidents

In the United States, there are 6 million motor vehicle accidents per year. 3 million of those accidents cause injury. Car accidents are very common, and you’ve probably found yourself in that situation before. Learn more about these five different types of car accidents below.

Head On

A head on collision occurs when one car is driving one direction, let’s say north, and another car is driving the opposite direction, south in this case, and the two cars collide. This collision could occur when one car crosses the median on a smaller road, jumps the median on a freeway or even goes the wrong way down a one way street. Head on collisions are usually quite hard to avoid because one driver would need to swerve to avoid the oncoming car which could put them into another lane of traffic. Depending on the speed of the cars, head on collisions can be quite dangerous and even fatal. Often the car that was in the incorrect lane or going the wrong direction is at fault.


The term “t-bone” refers to when one car hits another car in a perpendicular manner. T-bone collisions often occur at lights when one car fails to yield to a red light and collides with a car crossing the intersection on a green light. When a t-bone accident occurs, the car that is hit can be pushed by the force of the oncoming car. More often than not the car that failed to yield is at fault, however t-bone collisions can occur in other ways.

Single Car

A single car collision is one that involves, you guessed it, just one car. Single car collisions are when a car collides with something like a building, lamppost, tree or guard rail. Single car collisions can happen for a variety of reasons including roadway conditions, faulty car mechanics, the driver falling asleep, the driver being intoxicated or swerving to avoid an animal, pedestrian or other vehicle. Mostly the driver is at fault if damages are caused.

Multiple Cars

A multi-car collision can happen in a variety of ways and involves two or more cars. These can lead to pileup accidents and can be very dangerous and life threatening. You often see multi-car collisions on larger roadways where there is heavier traffic and faster speeds.


A rear-end collision typically occurs when one car comes to a quick stop and the car behind them does not. This happens frequently at red lights but can also happen when a pedestrian, animal or other vehicle is suddenly in the path of the car in front causing them to brake quickly. The best way to avoid rear-end collisions is to leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you giving you enough time to break should something occur. Read-end collisions can range from fatal to a light tap depending on speeds.

No matter what type, car accidents are awful and stressful. They cause damages, injuries and a headache of paperwork and insurance calls. Accidents are not always avoidable, but being vigilant about your surroundings, obeying all traffic laws and abiding by speed limits will help reduce your chances of getting in a serious accident. If you are injured in an accident, you should hire an attorney immediately.

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