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Personal Injury Attorney in Pascagoula

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Personal Injury Attorney in Pascagoula

When you’ve suffered an injury, it can be a very confusing and stressful time figuring out what you’re going to do. There are expensive hospital bills to pay, you may be missing time at your job and your family may also be injured or affected. At Mestayer Law Firm, PLLC, we are here to help you find the answers you need no matter the situation.

Our experienced staff is available to consult with you and your family and to talk about your injury, damages, liability, and limitations that are enacted in the state of Mississippi. We will help you determine whether or not you have a case to be heard in a court of law and can assist you with the next steps.

Personal injury law can be confusing, and without the right representation, you may be left with an even bigger headache. Don’t let your questions go unanswered. Schedule an appointment with us today and we will help you sort it out. We suggest that you write down any questions or concerns you might have and bring them into our office to get them answered so you’re not left bewildered or confused.

Whether you were involved in an auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, workplace, or any wrongful death situation, documentation is key. We will work with you to collect valuable information needed for your case so that they don’t become lost or forgotten. We highly recommend you bring as many documents with you as you can, including photos, emails, voice messages or letters so that we can assist you as best as we can.

It’s always recommended that you talk to an experienced attorney if you’re seeking compensation for your injuries. We specialize in personal service and give attention to every client, so you can feel assured your case is being handled fairly and efficiently.

We know no two personal injury cases are the same, which means we will work our hardest to find the best outcome for you and your loved ones with personal one-on-one support and council. You will work with seasoned attorneys who are well versed in personal injury law and have years of experience trying cases similar to yours.

Depending on your type of claim, Mississippi law allows three years to file for negligence, strict liability, wrongful death or product liability claim in most situations. You only have a year from the date of your injury to file an a claim on an assault, battery or defamation.

For over three decades Mestayer Law Firm, PLLC has been winning cases for clients in Mississippi. We work hard to be the most effective and most cost-efficient attorneys for your case. We hope you never find yourself in a sticky situation, but if you do we are ready to help. Our team is here to talk to you about where you stand and the steps to move forward with your case, life, and most importantly, your health.

Need help with a personal injury case? Or maybe you need assistance in another area of the law? At Mestayer & Associates, we also cover Tax LawTrusts and Estates, Personal Injury Law, Probate and Social Security. Give us a call today, we are here to help!

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