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Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability

If you have been harmed, injured or you are currently suffering from a condition or illness that keeps you from working, you might be qualified to collect Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Disability program is intended to ensure laborers and their families. However, there may be immense roadblocks that keep you from obtaining the funds you need and are owed.

If you are currently being denied or have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, or are looking for direction in this extensive process, Mestayer Law Firm has you covered. When you contact Mestayer Law Firm, you are connected to an experienced lawyer that can help you build a well-structured case to obtain the money you deserve.

To completely understand Social Security Disability, it is first critical to understand the Social Security Program. The Social Security Program is a federal benefit program provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA), which is meant to assist eligible people who have serious illnesses or injuries, and are unable to return to work.

Disability Insurance Benefits (SSD or SSDI)

An SSD benefit is a frequent type of benefit sought from the SSA. The benefit covers millions of previous associates across the United States that have become disabled. The benefit amount obtained from the SSD is based on the applicant’s income prior to disability and the applicant’s employment record.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits (DAC)

These benefits apply to children between the ages of 18 and 22, who are currently suffering from a disability could be eligible for a parent’s disability insurance benefits if a parent is deceased or currently receiving SSD or retirement benefits from the Social Security Program.

Disabled Widow or Widower Benefits (DWB)

If a widow or widower over the age of 50 becomes disabled within seven years of a spouse’s death, they might be able to obtain the benefits. In order to be considered, the widow or widower must have been married to the deceased for at least ten years.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits

When determining who is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, the SSA has rigorous standards. In general, those receiving SSD are under the age of sixty-five, have worked for five of the last ten years as of the date of the disability (however, this may be waived if applicants are twenty-two or younger), have a condition preventing the applicant from being employed and have an illness or condiiton that is expected to be long-term.

If you do not meet these criteria or the other criteria listed on the SSA’s list of disabling medical conditions that qualify for SSD, do not worry! You may still be approved for benefits if you meet the agency’s other criteria.

When you decide to apply for Social Security Disability, you can complete the application online or at a local SSA office. During the application process, the Social Security Association will review your application to ensure you meet technical requirements. Once you pass this stage, your application is handed to the Alabama Disability Determination Services, who makes the final decision.

About seventy percent of first-time Social Security applicants receive a claim denial. These denials are often easily appealed with the assistance of a disability attorney, who understands the process and laws. With Mystayer Law Firm, our attorney’s can help you fill out an initial application as well as appeal a denial. For more information, schedule an appointment with our skilled attorneys today and we will begin to build your case!

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