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5 Things to Understand About Mississippi’s Inheritance Tax

5 Things to Understand About Mississippi's Inheritance Tax

5 Things to Understand About Mississippi’s Inheritance Tax

When someone passes away, there are many unfinished pieces of business to conduct. One of those is managing inheritance and honoring your loved one’s wishes. At Mestayer Law Firm, we seek to provide the best legal counsel to guide you through this process.

Here are five things to help you understand Mississippi’s Inheritance Tax:

What is an Inheritance Tax?

An inheritance tax, sometimes interchangeably confused with an estate task, is a tax on the beneficiaries or receivers of an estate, for example, parents cash and assets.

Why are these taxes confused?

The taxes are similar, in fact, both taxes are called “Death Tax.”

An easy way to remember these taxes:

Inheritance Tax – AFTER GIVING


Does Mississippi collect an Inheritance Tax?

Mississippi does not currently collect a state inheritance tax.

Inheritance tax does not depend on the amount received, but on the person who inherits the property. As mentioned, there is no inheritance tax in Mississippi.

What about Estate Tax?

Estate tax is a tax on all of the assets of the deceased prior to the distribution of beneficiaries. For example, the net value of a home, the value of cash (bank accounts), heirlooms and more – minus the debts owed by the deceased person on the day of their passing.

Estate tax will be taxed on the federal level if over $5,430,000 of assets total calculation are reached.

What should you do while going through the deceased wishes, will, and evaluation?

Contact your lawyer or a member of our qualified team to walk you through the process of estate evaluation. If the deceased wrote their will with a qualified legal member, most of the “Death Tax” procedures should be clear and easy to follow their wishes.

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