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Hire the best lawyer for you. You have one chance to get compensated for your personal injuries, so make sure you move forward with the strongest case possible. To ensure your case is as strong as possible, you should make sure you have the best lawyer working for YOU and your case. Lawyers are not one size fits all, especially when you are looking for a personal injury lawyer. When hiring a personal injury lawyer you will want to make sure the lawyer has experience handling cases dealing with injuries similar to yours. For example, if you have a medical malpractice case and you find a lawyer that mostly handles slip and fall cases, you’ll want to continue looking for a lawyer that has experience or a specialty in medical malpractice to handle your claim. Make sure you know and feel comfortable with the attorney’s background before you hire them.

Be willing to share your medical records and personal information regarding the injury. Many of us like to keep our medical files undisclosed, but your lawyer will need access to as much supporting documentation as possible. You will need to release your medical records to your attorney for your attorney to help you. Without releasing your medical records, your attorney will not be able to make a case for you. Make sure you feel comfortable disclosing personal information to the attorney before contracting them.

Be prepared to discuss payment/billing with your lawyer. Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means your lawyer will only get paid a percentage of what you win (or percentage of a settlement). Make sure the fee is an amount that works for you. Know whether the court expenses, in the event you have to go to court, are calculated as a separate cost or included in the contingency fee. Make sure you understand the payment structure and the amount you would be willing to settle for in the event of a settlement offer. Understand that the amount you would receive after a settlement would be the settlement amount less lawyer costs and perhaps court costs. If a contingency fee arrangement doesn’t work for you, see if you could negotiate an arrangement that works for both parties. You must have a clear understanding and are comfortable with how the lawyer will be paid.

Be prepared for all meetings with your lawyer. Your appointments with your lawyer are your opportunities to share information about your case with your them. They may ask you additional questions to help him/her prepare the case on your behalf. Many times we think we will remember details to tell our lawyers at our meetings, but forget while we are at the meeting. To help keep memories fresh, consider keeping a journal of things you remember about the incident to take with you to your appointments. A detail that might seem unimportant to you might make all the difference in your case, so document everything.

Be persistent. Finding an attorney that specializes in the type of personal injury you have, that you feel comfortable sharing your medical records with, and can work out a fee arrangement with you, can take time. You have to be persistent and continue looking for an appropriate attorney within the timeframe set forth by the laws of your state. If a lawyer turns down your case, it doesn’t mean you don’t have one, it just means you haven’t found the right lawyer for you. Be persistent, find a lawyer that’s right for you, and help them make a strong case so you can recover damages to the fullest extent.

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