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Estate Planning for Families

Estate Planning for Families

Estate Planning for Families

Life is short, but nothing feels better than knowing you are doing your best to protect your family for the long run. You’ve worked so hard your entire life, so make sure you make it worthwhile by leaving them a part or all of your assets behind. Avoid any family feuds by creating an estate plan and let the process begin today.

Begin with Family Information

Personal information regarding you and your family will be asked. This will include your full name, your spouse’s name and all your children’s names and dates of birth.

Know Your Assets

Your worth is important, and knowing what you own is valuable information to layout when it comes to your estate plan. These include your home if you are a homeowner, your checking/savings account from the bank, any stocks, retirement funds or any business-related ties.

Work on Wills and Trusts

If it is your will, make it your way. The will must be worked on in full detail with the help of our attorneys. We will make sure you understand what your assets are and who they are going towards. Your will may also include a list of custody/guardians that you would want your children to be protected under their care. Different types of trusts will bond with the kind of asset you have, rather it be money or property. It might take a whole team or just a few people to get the right fit. Essentially, the goal is to build a revocable living trust wherein the case of a death situation, the contingent beneficiary(s) will be determined.

A Medical Power of Attorney (Directive)

Everyone’s health is essential, but when you become incapacitated, you want to make sure the person you choose to make these vital medical decisions is there to competently assess the situation and make the decisions you would make for yourself in these circumstances. Many married couples choose their spouse to take authority, but there is also the option to add an extra person if needed. You also have control of what can and cannot be done to your body after death, such as cremation or organ donation rights. Health concerns and medical decisions can be addressed in this section of the estate process.

The Financial Power of Attorney

Silence the what-ifs about critical financial decisions with the ability to say who you want in charge when you won’t be able to. Again, many people choose their significant other, but it is recommended you keep someone else on paper for your finances to be taken care of. You can never be too prepared in these types of situations, so let us help!

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