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How to Pull from Social Security

How to Pull from Social Security

How to Pull from Social Security

If you’re nearing retirement age, you might be wondering how to utilize your social security when the time comes. The process of applying to receive benefits from social security can be confusing and complicated if not done properly. It’s important to start thinking about the process and understand how it works before you need to.

Know If You Are Eligible

When you work throughout your life, you pay social security taxes. As you pay these taxes you earn “credits” towards social security benefits. Once you earn enough credits, typically around your mid-60’s, you become eligible for benefits. If you stop working before you earn enough credits to qualify, they remain in your account and can be added later if you work again.

Know When You Are Eligible

Understanding when you’re eligible will make it easier to prepare and get things in order to apply. You can start receiving benefits as early as 62. However, to receive your full benefits you must wait until you have reached your full retirement age. Full retirement age depends on the year you were born but is between 65 and 67.

You can find out more about your retirement age, pulling benefits early and other current age guidelines by visiting the Social Security Administration website at

Hire An Attorney If Needed

Since the process can be a bit tricky to navigate, some people opt to hire an attorney before filing their application. It is not necessary to have an attorney to apply, but it may be helpful, especially if you are not comfortable navigating the system on your own.

It is best to hire an attorney who specializes in social security claims and appeals in case you are denied or there are issues with your application.

Appeal If Denied

If your application is denied, you can appeal. There are a number of reasons an application could be denied. It may be as simple as an error in your application, or it may be a larger issue that needs to be sorted out. Regardless of why you were denied, you may still have an opportunity to receive your benefits if you are in fact eligible. This is where your attorney can help you file an appeal and get your application re-evaluated.

Contact Mestayer Law Firm today if you need an attorney to help you with your social security application, claim or appeal. Our highly trained staff of attorneys is ready to help you navigate the process.

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