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My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce – What Do I Do Now?

My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce - What Do I Do Now?

My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce – What Do I Do Now?

Even though relationships might seemingly look healthy from the outside, what goes on behind closed doors will truly dictate the long-term effects of the relationship rather it be good or bad. For married couples, a fallout in the relationship could mean the end of it all leading to a spouse asking for a divorce. This leaves room for many questions if you are on the receiving end, such as what to do now? If a spouse wants to file for divorce, here are a few things you can do starting now.

Proof of no-fault or a fault-based divorce

Marriages are hard, but hearing that your spouse wants a divorce is also a hard process to go through especially if you do not necessarily agree with the idea of it or were not expecting to get hit with the harsh news so quickly. So what is the first thing you should do? While everyone has a different opinion on what to do, you should take action to address the topic of divorce with your spouse directly unless your spouse has chosen to not do so and move straight forward with the divorce papers. If this is the case and you do not agree with the divorce, then they’re most likely exists a need to prove a fault-based divorce. If both parties agree to the divorce, then you can both proceed to state to the court of no-fault divorce. Moving forward, a fault-based divorce will require proof of misconduct for the victim indicatively.

Come to terms with the type of divorce you want moving forward

A spouse taking action on filing for a divorce is very different than just addressing it in a casual format. If your spouse has already done the research on their end on what type of divorce they would like to proceed with, then they most likely feel they are set in what they truly want. The truth about divorce is that both partners must come to terms with the type of divorce they want moving forward. This requires a lot of talking and includes topics on finances, children, assets and much more. A divorce is not intended to be a deal-breaker for either party, but rather a better understanding of what both spouses consider to be fair. If there is no effort of talking on either side, divorce coaches and attorneys are available to make the agreements for you.

Gather necessary information, documents and financial moves

If you have already been served divorce papers, then you have no choice but to gather any necessary information such as proof of misconduct on their end, opening an individual checking account under your name, amongst other specific financial moves an attorney will recommend you to do. Whatever you decide to collect, do not sign anything under the court of law or without a lawyer by your side. We know all of this can be a stressful time, but with the right mindset and a good lawyer by your side, the process will fly by in no time.

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