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Tips for Avoiding an Accident with an 18 Wheeler

Tips for Avoiding an Accident with an 18 Wheeler

Tips for Avoiding an Accident with an 18 Wheeler

Depending on where you live, holiday traffic can be quite a challenge. There are more cars on the road traveling to and from the shopping centers, visiting family, going out for dinners and even taking vacations. You should also expect that there will be more semi-trucks on the road carrying merchandise to and from the stores we shop. Accidents do happen, but a collision with an 18-wheeler can be deadly. Here are some tips and cautions for you to consider for avoiding an accident with an 18-wheeler, not just for the holidays, but at any time of year.

Be mindful

Semi-trucks are large and take up a lot more space on the road than a passenger car or van. If you are riding in a passenger vehicle, do not assume that the semi-truck you’re following is safe. A driver can go almost 40 hours without sleep, and it is possible for a driver to fall asleep—especially during a time of year when more merchandise and goods are being transported.  Consider also that young drivers can obtain their CDL at 18 years old and may be inexperienced navigating in heavy traffic themselves.

Be mindful of what the truck in front of you is doing. Are they speeding, swerving on the road or going too slow? These are actions to back off or move around the truck safely and put plenty of distance between you and them.

Be on guard

If you are on the Highway, be on guard. The semi-truck in front of you could have an unforeseen accident, make a sudden stop, swerve or have a flat tire. Keep your distance and be on guard in case something happens. You will likely be more prepared to stop suddenly or move out of harm’s way in case of an emergency.

Be aware of a semi truck’s visibility

Often, semi-trucks cannot see your vehicle if you make sudden movements or change lanes. Additionally, do not make a sudden stop in front of them. Consider the load that they are carrying and how long it may take for them to stop that load. Do not pull out in front of a semi-truck; they may not see you and cannot stop suddenly. And do not pass a truck on the right side if that truck is also making a right turn.

As mentioned, a driver and their passengers’ patience can be challenged at times, but your focus should be on the road when you are behind the wheel. Mestayer Law Firm understands that accidents cannot be avoided and that a crash with a semi-truck can be physically and emotionally devastating. If you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may be entitled to compensation.

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