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What to Do If Your Spouse Asks for a Divorce

What to Do If Your Spouse Asks for a Divorce

What to Do If Your Spouse Asks for a Divorce

So, your spouse wants a divorce and you are not totally sure how to feel about it. Feeling confused or hurt is completely natural, but handling things in a respectful manner is critical. Regardless of whether you’re on board or not, it is important to keep a cool head and follow these steps:

Hire a Lawyer

If you are not sure why your spouse wants a divorce, ask them. Ask calmly and allow them to explain themselves. Divorce is a big deal and they have most likely thought it out before asking you. This may also be your chance to right any wrongs, or work on your marriage through counseling before taking the final step of divorce.

Keep Calm and Collected

As we mentioned, it is normal to be upset, angry, confused or frustrated. Try to avoid taking those feelings out on your spouse. You loved each other enough to get married at one point, so keep that in mind. Try to have rational conversations and talk like adults. If you or your spouse are having trouble with this, try mediation to help you work through it.

Avoid Begging or Pleading

It is understandable that you may want your spouse to drop the idea of divorce. Begging and pleading will not help your case. It may make them angry or annoyed with you. Instead, try stating your case rationally and explaining to them why your marriage is important. If they do not wish to discuss the matter, then accept it and try to move forward.

Avoid Gossip or Speaking Ill of Your Spouse

It may be tempting to speak ill of your spouse, spread gossip, or try to hurt and embarrass them. This is a reaction to feeling hurt, and it will only make things worse. Try to remain as civil as possible and avoid discussing your divorce with too many people if you are feeling spiteful.

Keep Your Kids In Mind

If you have children, it is important to keep them in mind. You want to minimize the damage done to them, so try having a civil divorce and arrange a co-parenting agreement. Your kids are probably feeling as confused as you are, so be there for each other through this tough time.

Try and Make The Best of It

At the end of the day, you do not want to stay married to someone who does not want to be married to you. It might hurt and you might be disappointed with the outcome, but try to make the best of it. You and your spouse both have a chance to start over and be happier people apart.

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