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Why Estate Planning Still Matters

Why Estate Planning Still Matters

Why Estate Planning Still Matters

Estate planning is working on a series of documents that nobody looks forward to. Nobody wants to spend their spare time planning out their estate. It’s a difficult thing to think about. On top of that, it can be pretty stressful. However, estate planning is important no matter how many assets you have. It’s common to think dividing up assets is for the wealthy, but they aren’t the only individuals who benefit from having their estate planned. Estate planning helps to decipher what happens to your assets once you pass away. Every individual’s goal for their estate is different, and each estate is different. Working with the experienced team at Mestayer Law Firm will help ensure that your goals, needs and expectations are exceeded. Here’s why estate planning still matters.

Makes It Easier on the Family

Estate planning can be a difficult process, we know and understand this. But not having your estate planned is even messier because of what it leaves behind for your loved ones to deal with. If you don’t leave a plan behind, your family will have to decide who gets what. This can end up causing a lot of problems and issues for your family. Having an estate plan helps to ensure that everything is distributed exactly how you would like it once you pass away.

You Have Assets

Do you have a bank or investment accounts like a 401(k) or rollover IRA? Perhaps you have a house or business? Deciding who gets all of these things before you die is important. This can be an emotional decision to make, but an estate planner will help you decide who gets what assets and arrange them in a way to ease the tax burden.

Your Goals Might Have Changed

If you put together a will thirty years ago, chances are your goals then are different than your goals now. Especially if you have had children, gotten divorced or have had any other huge life changes. Even if you haven’t had any drastic life changes, taking another look at your estate every few years is always a good idea.

You Don’t Need One, Until You Do

You have your entire life to plan your estate, right? Unfortunately, none of us knows when our time is going to be up and, once you’re gone, you don’t have a say so in what happens to your estate. So, it’s better to be proactive and ahead of the game just in case.

Dealing with a loved ones passing is hard enough. Estate planning makes it easier for your family and friends while dealing with the loss. Mestayer Law Firm provides civil litigation for clients throughout the Gulf Coast area including Pascagoula, Biloxi and Gulfport. If you are making future plans for your estate, then contact us today and let us help take care of every detail of your finances. Call us today at 228-762-1193 or visit We are your legal experts! You can also visit our office located at 2128 Ingalls Ave. in Pascagoula, Mississippi. We look forward to talking with you!

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