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Why Medical Evidence and Treatment is Vital to Your Disability Claim

Why Medical Evidence and Treatment is Vital to Your Disability Claim

Why Medical Evidence and Treatment is Vital to Your Disability Claim

There are a variety of factors taken into consideration when your disability claim is evaluated, but your medical records are the single most important factor. While opinions from doctors weigh heavily in your case, the facts from your medical records and treatment plans speak for themselves. If you have no medical evidence to submit, the chances of your application being approved are slim to none. Without hard facts to back up your claim, your case is reduced to hearsay. No medical expert is going to approve an application for disability just because an application states that the individual can’t work due to a medical condition. There must be medical evidence proving what the condition is, why the person can’t work, what is causing the condition, that the appropriate tests were run, what the diagnosis was, what the treatment plan is, how the treatment is going and so much more. So where should you begin?

Treating Physician

Generally, your primary care physician will have most of the details regarding your health, as they are the ones that have seen you most often and/or referred you to the appropriate specialist. There are cases, however, when your main treating physician could be a specialist especially for cases involving cancer or chronic conditions. It may be beneficial for your current treating physician to write a letter supporting your claim. As previously mentioned, a physician’s opinion does matter in your case, but their opinion must be backed up by medical evidence.

Current Medical Records

It is crucial that the evidence you submit for your claim is the most up-to-date medical records you have. If these records include a treatment plan you are currently under, that’s even better. We want to be able to show the medical expert reviewing your claim that you do, in fact, need the services for which you are applying. Be sure to collect all medical records that support your current condition. There is no need, for example, to submit records from a hospitalization in 2001 that has nothing to do with your current status.

Call a Lawyer

Disability claims can be a monstrous undertaking. There are so many details that need to be provided, questions to be answered, applications to be filled out, physician letters to be requested and more. A disability lawyer can make your life infinitely easier when it comes to processing your claim. They know what information to include, as well as what information to exclude. Some times providing too much information with your claim can extend the processing time by months. Utilizing a disability lawyer can help you ensure that your claim will not drag on longer than is necessary. We know what questions the medical expert will ask, as the paperwork needed varies from claim to claim. We are ready to help you!

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