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Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Create a Will

Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Create a Will

Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Create a Will

Drafting a will can seem like a scary idea, considering no one truly wants to think about passing away. However, accidents do occur and by having a will, it helps to direct your property in the case something happens. By definition, a will is a legal document that directs to whom your property will go to when you die. Drafting a will is pretty simple but if you make one mistake it could invalidate the document entirely, which is why it is important to utilize an attorney when you decide to create one. Keep reading below for more information on why an attorney is needed to create a will.

Complicated State Laws

When it comes to creating a will, state laws all differ. For instance, may state laws are very particular about what may or may not be included in estate planning documents. It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney who has experience in estate planning in order to help you during the process by answering questions and preventing potential problems.

Potential Complications

Below are a few circumstances that could affect the drafting of a will and would, therefore, be best to get the help of an experienced attorney:

  • You have experienced multiple marriages
  • You are a business owner
  • You have loved ones who require special needs (EX: disabled)
  • You have children who are minors from multiple marriages
  • You want to give some or all of your estate to a charitable organization
  • You have acquired a large investment in assets and would like your savings to be handled a specific way when you die
  • You own real estate in different states or throughout the country

Attorneys are Experienced

One large problem in drafting your own will is that you don’t know what to ask or what your largest concern should be. An experienced attorney has learned to always expect situations that most of us think would never happen. The unexpected tends to happen more often than we realize, and by using an experienced attorney it will help to guide you in the right direction based on your situation.

Continuing Support

Managing your own will without legal help can leave you in the dark if you experience difficulties or issues. By hiring an experienced attorney, it will help you avoid problems that can occur down the road and helps to provide a peace of mind knowing you have continued support even after your will is drafted. 

If you have further questions regarding a will or are interested in drafting one with an attorney, reach out to Mestayer Law Firm today. We will help you navigate through this process with ease. Mestayer & Associates provides civil litigation for clients throughout the Gulf Coast area including Pascagoula, Biloxi, and Gulfport. If you are making future plans for your estate, then contact us today and let us help take care of every detail of your finances. Call us today at 228-762-1193 or visit We are your legal experts! You can also visit our office located at 2128 Ingalls Ave. in Pascagoula, Mississippi. We look forward to talking with you!

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