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What is Considered Family Law?

What is Considered Family Law?

What is Considered Family Law?

The topic of family law may or may not be something you are informed about. With so many different instances for someone to need an attorney, there are a lot of different classifications within the law that separate them from one another. These different areas of law range from things like health law and civil rights law, to animal law and personal injury law. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to find an attorney, you may be wondering what your issue classifies as. When it comes to family law specifically, there is a range of different issues that are focused on.


One of the most obvious and prevalent uses for family law is in issues of marriage. Whether you are interested in getting married or are facing legal issues relating to marriage like dividing up assets between you and your future spouse, state minimum age requirements, marital status, family relations and more, family law is something you will become familiar with.


Similar to marriage, divorce is also considered to be a part of family law. Anytime someone gets divorced, they must go through the legal process of hiring an attorney, providing a settlement or going to trial. This matter classifies as family law.

Child Custody

Child custody is another prominent area of interest when it comes to family law. After a divorce takes place in which there are children involved, family law is required to settle disputes on custody. Whether these rulings result in full custody, partial or joint custody, child support or anything else, custody matters are considered family law.


When a minor decides that they want to separate themselves from their parents or guardians, they can apply for emancipation. This means that they will be fully self-supporting and no longer required to live under the care of their legal guardians. This issue is also considered to be part of family law.

Adoption or Foster Care

Matters involving adoption and foster care are also considered to be family law. These topics involve a lot of legal issues ranging from state laws to adoption laws and require the presence of a trusted family attorney in most cases.


For fathers who are seeking relationships with their children, mothers who are requesting child support from fathers, or those looking into DNA testing to prove their relationship to children, paternity issues arise. These situations also require family attorneys and are classified under family law.

Aside from the topics listed above, there are many other instances in which family law comes into play. If you are interested in learning more, give your friends at Mestayer Law Firm a call today at (228) 762-1193. We provide quality legal services in and around the Pascagoula, MS, area, and we are trained and ready to help.

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